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My Story

Shatia Varnado is not only the founder and owner of Hugs & Kisses Online Homeschool Academy but also an exceptionally dedicated Elementary teacher. She embodies the qualities of love, respect, honesty, and unwavering loyalty, aiming to leave an everlasting impact on the lives of countless children and families worldwide.


With a robust educational background, Mrs. Varnado holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, currently advancing her expertise through a doctoral degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction. Accumulating over two decades of teaching experience, including six years of online instruction encompassing Elementary, ESL (English as a Second Language), and tutoring, her expertise is second to none.


Teaching and assisting students and families are Mrs. Varnado's true passion, the very essence that gave birth to Hugs & Kisses. She has a remarkable ability to make Elementary education not only informative but also enjoyable, ensuring that every child eagerly anticipates the next lesson. A fascinating tidbit about Mrs. Varnado is her fondness for Mathematics, alongside her love for spending quality time with family and a burning desire to explore the world.

This genuine enthusiasm is why she always signs off with a resounding,



"HUUUUUUGS & KISSSSESSSSS BYE BYE!" – a testament to her unwavering commitment to both teaching and nurturing young minds.

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